Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Top ranking is not guaranteed

Customers & Clients agree and acknowledge that, due to the nature of the industry, top ranking is not guaranteed (Google states clearly “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google” and this is true of all search engines). Rankings constantly fluctuate and rankings may be directly impacted by changes in search engine ranking algorithms. Remember that rankings may not equate to success, rather conversions make a better metric for measuring success.


The Client, [Client Name], is engaging [Your Company Name] as the Service Company to optimize the [Client Name] website for search engines. The Client hereby authorizes the Service Company to access this account for the purposes of making some relevant SEO related changes only to the website. Prior to making changes to any part of the website the Service Company agrees to communicate the changes to the Client via phone or email.


The Client and Service Company may disclose confidential information one to the other to facilitate work under this Agreement. Such information shall be so identified in writing at the time of its transmittal, and shall be safeguarded and not disclosed to third parties by the receiving party.


If the Client wishes to terminate SEO services in the middle of the month no reimbursement will be provided for the remaining time left in the month.


The Service Company agrees to provide the Client with a monthly report that outlines the accomplishments for the previous month including keyword ranking, traffic source and numbers, a ranking analysis, upcoming month’s SEO plan, any conversion strategy recommendations, web analytics & insights and any other information that pertains to your specific website SEO strategy.

Price and Payment Terms



Charging & Invoicing:

After approval by both parties and proposal sign-off the Client will be invoiced for a full service payment or for the Clients first payment for SEO packages. Services will begin when payment is received.
Invoices/receipts will be sent electronically via email.
A One-off SEO service or monthly payments for SEO packages are due upfront.
Full payment is required upfront for any one-off services & at the beginning for each month for SEO packages or any recurring services. Before Corralytics begins any services you will be invoiced for payment and this can be paid by PayPal.

Cancellation of Services:

Contact Corralytics on 0424581623 or eamon@corralytics.com via email to request a cancellation of services or packages. Corralytics will complete all work for that billing cycle and provide a final report.

Cancellation notice should be given before 48 hours of the next billing cycle (next monthly retainer). Refunds will not be provided after payment has been processed and work has begun for the one-off service or monthly billing cycle.